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We have provided a list of links below to other websites that you may find useful. Most of the sites below are linked to other legal reference sites that specifically address legal issues in Nova Scotia. If you have a website that you feel should be included in our list, please contact us. Note: If you follow these links, your browser will spawn a new window.

Canadian Bar Association

The CBA is the essential ally and advocate of all members of the legal profession; it is the voice for all members of the profession and its primary purpose is to serve its members; it is the premier provider of personal and professional development and support to all members of the legal profession; it promotes fair justice systems, facilitates effective law reform, promotes equality in the legal profession and is devoted to the elimination of discrimination; the CBA is a leading edge organization committed to enhancing the professional and commercial interests of a diverse membership and to protecting the independence of the judiciary and the Bar.

Dalhousie Legal Aid

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service is a community-based office in the north-central neighbourhood of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It also is a clinical program for law students and is operated by Dalhousie Law School.

Halifax Regional Municipality Website

The HRM website contains regional by-law information, links to recent city developments and other information.

Government Of Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Government's website provides links to all of the provincial departments and services offered to the public. Links on th site include The Registry of Joint Stock Companies, Access Nova Scotia, and other departmental contact lists.

Metro Halifax Chamber of Commerce

The Metropolitan Halifax Chamber of Commerce is a best-practice business organization that continuously strives to make Halifax an even more attractive city in which to live, work and play. Together the 2,800 individual members from 2,000 businesses act as a single powerful voice through the Chamber to promote local business interests. The Board of Directors, made up of volunteers from our local business community, oversees the operations of the Chamber. Volunteer committees and task forces, supported by 15 staff, drive the actions of the Chamber and carry out many of the initiatives and special projects of behalf of the membership.

Nova Scotia Barristers' Society

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society has been in existence for 175 years. It has a proud history of dedication and commitment to the custodianship of the rule of Law in Nova Scotia. In 1858 the first legislation incorporating the Society was passed, and elements of the Society’s objects can be traced to this early legislation. The Barristers' and Solicitors' Act has been amended numerous times to reflect the evolving role of a self-governing body.

Nova Scotia Department of Justice

The Department of Justice oversees the fair and effective administration of justice to the people of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid

The Commission has thirteen community-based law offices, as well as the Halifax/Dartmouth Metro Community Law Clinic, which operates independently. Legal services are provided in areas of civil, family and criminal law.


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